Halifax Regional Municipality 2016 Election – Candidate Responses

In the Halifax Regional Municipality Election, CANS will play an active roll, ensuring that the issues important to our members and the industry are top of mind for all candidates.

We have sent all candidates the CANS Halifax Regional Municipality Candidate Questionnaire asking them their positions on key issues facing our industry. We want to make sure you have all the information needed when you head to the Polling Day on Saturday, October 15.

We asked the candidates the following questions:

  • Construction procurement is complex and involves significant risk. Consistent application of industry standards to the procurement and awarding of construction is beneficial to all parties concerned. Our members frequently report inconsistent procurement practices, delays in awarding work and lack of transparency. What would you do to address this important issue for the benefit of all parties involved in construction procurement?
  • Modern infrastructure is critical to the social and economic vitality of HRM. A comprehensive multi-year infrastructure plan that considers maintenance, replacement and new construction is required to achieve these ends. What will you do to ensure that a comprehensive multi-year infrastructure plan is developed with meaningful representation and contributions from industry, businesses and the community?
  • Responsible development is important to HRM and contributes to our ability to compete on the world stage, attract investment and be a community of choice for residents. Frequently, we hear concerns from members about delayed approvals, inconsistent application of policy and unnecessary red tape; each of which negatively impacts our community’s ability to compete. What would you do to ensure responsible development that is consistent in approach, efficient and transparent?
  • Decisions pertaining to construction in HRM are often made by the municipality with little or no consultation with the industry or a full understanding of the implications on industry businesses. Progressive municipalities view industry as a partner in the development, growth and the vitality of their communities. What would you do to ensure that our industry is a partner in the decision making and policy formation process?

Read the candidate responses here. 

Ordinary Polling Day is Saturday, October 15, 2016.

To learn more about how and where you can vote, click here.