Nova Scotia Government Announces 2022-23 Provincial Budget

On Tuesday, March 29, the government of Nova Scotia released its 2022-2023 budget. Budget 2022-23 contains $1.6 billion for capital projects, the largest single-year capital investment in the province’s history. With revenues of $12.7 billion and expenses of $13.2 billion, budget 2022-2023 is estimating a deficit of $506.2 million. Budget 2022-2023 includes:

Solutions for Healthcare: 
  • $5.7 billion in healthcare and an increase of $413.4 million from last year. This includes $268.6 million for addictions and mental health (an increase of $20.6 million), $1.2 billion for continuing care (an increase of $142.5 million) and $9.8 million for a new Healthcare Professionals Recruitment Office.

Improving Access to Primary Care

  • $464.6 million to support the QEII New Generation and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Healthcare Redevelopment project
  • $122.6 million for construction, repair and renewal of other hospitals and medical facilities

Investing in Long-term Care

  • $11 million to extend or convert more than 190 new long-term care spaces, including Veterans Affairs spaces, to help create more bed capacity and support patient flow
Solutions for our Economy: 

Strengthening our Workforce and Businesses:

  • Introduction of the More Opportunities for Skilled Trades program, which, starting in the 2022 tax year, will return provincial personal income tax paid on the first $50,000 of earnings for eligible people under the age of 30
  • $750,000 more for skilled trades in schools programs, including promotion efforts to double the number of students in the program, as well as more supplies and resources
  • $895,000 more for six new navigators and four new program officers to support newcomer arrivals and immigration programs
  • $1 million more to continue immigration and population growth marketing campaigns
  • $12 million for a refreshed Innovation Rebate Program, which encourages private sector investment in their facilities, innovative processes and green technologies

Taking Action on Housing Solutions

  • $15 million more for affordable housing programs
  • $2 million to support the work of the joint planning task force on housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Capital funding for planning, design and construction of new NSCC residences at Akerley, Pictou and Ivany campuses, as part of government’s plan to address local housing issues
Solutions for our Future:

Supporting Nova Scotians:

  • $9.6 million more for supportive housing initiatives, including supportive services related to modular units being constructed in the Halifax Regional Municipality and funding for emergency sheltering and volunteer-based shelters in rural areas

Investing in Children & Educations

  • $175.3 million to build and renovate schools across the province

Investing in Green & Vibrant Communities

  • $29.2 million from Municipal Affairs and Housing as the provincial share of Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program green and transit projects
  • $2.3 million for energy audits of provincial buildings
  • $1 million toward the redesign and upgrade of Charlotte Street in Sydney to create a welcoming, accessible and green destination
  • $507.8 million for Nova Scotia’s roads, highways and bridges, including a new $30 million envelope for bridge repair and renewal and $20 million more for gravel roads
  • $11 million more to double the Rural Impact Mitigation program for the maintenance and repair of rural roads
2022-2023 Capital Plan

Government releases an infrastructure investment plan annually to lay out planned capital spending for the coming year. This year’s plan totals $1,584.7 million. Of this amount, 84.2% ($1,281.5 million) will be spent on highways, structures and buildings.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • $464.6 million to support the QEII New Generation and Cape Breton Regional Municipality Health Care Redevelopment projects
  • $122.6 million for construction, repair and renewal of other hospitals and medical facilities
  • $80.9 million to continue work at Nova Scotia Community College’s Marconi campus in Sydney and begin new residences at the college’s Akerley, Pictou and Ivany campuses as part of the government’s plan to address housing issues
  • $175.3 million to build and renovate schools.

Capital Plan 2022-23 also includes $507.8 million in investments outlined in the Department of Public Works’ Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan, including a new $30-million envelope for bridge repair and renewal and an additional $20 million for gravel roads.

Capital Plan 2022-23 is available here: