Highlights from Nova Scotia Provincial Budget 2024-2025 – Impact on Construction Industry

Earlier today, the Government of Nova Scotia released Budget 2024-25, including $1.6 billion for capital projects. With revenues of $15.8 billion and expenses of $16.5 billion, Budget 2024–25 estimates a deficit of $467.4 million (after consolidation and accounting adjustments).

The deficit is projected to widen to $608.7 million in 2025-26 before narrowing to $575.7 million in 2026-27 and $360.1 million in 2027-28.

Nova Scotia’s revenues are projected to grow by 2.0% from the 2023-24 forecast to the 2024-25 budget estimate while expenditures grow by 5.6%.  In 2025-26 revenue growth is projected to quicken to 2.5% while expenditures grow by 3.2%.  In 2026-27, revenue growth of 2.6% exceeds expenditure growth of 2.3%.  In the last year of the 2024-25 fiscal plan, revenue growth (+2.0%) again outpaces expenditure increase (+0.6%).

Budget Highlights:

Supporting Nova Scotians and Building Communities

  • Beginning January 1, 2025, indexing personal income tax brackets, the basic personal amount and certain non-refundable tax credits to Nova Scotia’s inflation rate. It will be the largest tax break in the province’s history and will save Nova Scotians about $150- $160 million per year in taxes by 2028.
  • $84.6 million for initiatives under the Supportive Housing Action approach and other programs to address homelessness, including: a 100-bed shelter in Dartmouth, a 70-bed shelter in Halifax, and a new shelter exclusively for 2SLGBTQIA+ clients in Halifax

Action for Healthcare

  • $9.6 million toward the plan to build 5,700 new and replacement long-term care spaces by 2032
  • Capital Plan 2024–25 includes $579 million to advance new healthcare redevelopment projects and fund other projects that will improve the healthcare system.
    • $301.7 million for Halifax Infirmary expansion and Cape Breton Regional Municipality healthcare redevelopment projects
    • $16.5 million for transition-to-community centres
    • $108.3 million for construction and renewal of other hospitals and medical facilities, including projects in Amherst, Pugwash, Bridgewater, Yarmouth and the IWK Health Centre
    • $32 million to repair and replace medical equipment
    • $22 million to repair and replace medical facilities
    • $20.2 million for various Action for Health plan capital initiatives

Building a Skilled Workforce

  • $46.4 million this year to make progress on the province’s $100 million plan to grow the skilled trades workforce over the next three years
  • $671,000 to increase participation and retention of women working in the skilled trades and to help advance women in their apprenticeships, in partnership with the federal government
  • $27.2 million for the More Opportunity for Skilled Trades (MOST) tax refund program for workers under the age of 30 in high-demand occupations, including skilled trades, film and video occupations. Starting in the 2023 tax year, MOST is expanding to include eligible nurses.

More Housing, Faster —

  • $8.6 million this year for community-based settlement service organizations that support newcomers
  • $80-$100 million estimated annually to rebate the 10% provincial HST on the new construction of purpose-built, multi-unit apartments
  • $14.8 million this year for Nova Scotia projects to leverage funding from the National Housing Strategy 2022-25 Action Plan
  • $5 million to expand the $28.6 million Affordable Housing Development Program to include student housing project proposals
  • $3.6 million for a rapid housing initiative to develop new affordable housing units in Halifax

Building a Clean, Healthy Economy —

  • $5.5 million more, for a total of $23.4 million, for the Payroll Rebate Program, which provides incentives to attract innovative companies to the province and create jobs
  • $12 million for the Innovation Rebate Program, which provides incentives for businesses to invest in their operations and become more innovative, productive, competitive and sustainable
  • $14.1 million for the Capital Investment Tax Credit, a refundable corporate tax credit that can be claimed for capital equipment and property for use in Nova Scotia and recently expanded to include emerging sectors like aerospace and manufacturing

2024-2025 Capital Plan

  • $483.3 million for major 100-series highway construction projects, and repaving and structure work (Capital Plan)
  • $35.3 million to build new public housing units and for more repairs and maintenance to existing public housing (Capital Plan)
  • $11.8 million for a new investment in modular public housing (Capital Plan)
  • $27.1 million for NSCC student housing projects at various stages of development (Capital Plan)
Resources for Budget 2024-25

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