Updates from the Canadian Construction Association – July 2021

The following information has been pulled from the Canadian Construction Association (CCA)’s July newsletter. You can read the full newsletter for CCA members online here. 

ADVOCACY: Industry’s Long-Term Vision for Infrastructure Includes Asset Management Planning Guided By An Independent Council

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has responded to the Canadian government’s National Infrastructure Assessment, “Building the Canada We Want in 2050”. Endorsed by CCA’s local construction association partners, the submission goes into detail on three key recommendations including:

  • Canada must develop a long-term vision guided by an independent, apolitical Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Council.
  • The funding allocation model must change from intense scrutiny of one-off projects identified by provinces, municipalities, or Indigenous communities to a robust, longer-term asset management plan guided by the objectives established by an independent Council.
  • Adopting a collaborative and agile approach to public procurement will accelerate the benefits to be gained from infrastructure investment. The federal government should fund provincial and municipal asset plans – not individual projects, and new collaborative models beyond low-cost bid or P3s should be researched and explored.

LEARN MORE: Click here for CCA’s detailed recommendations.

INNOVATION: CCA Launches Inaugural Insight Report

CCA’s first edition of Insight report: Innovation and R&D in construction is now available. The report serves as a quick reference guide to important innovations in construction and why they matter to your business.

From AI and remote construction to sustainability and safety, CCA’s Insight report highlights some of the latest research in these areas found on our Construction R&D Portal with links to related reports and past webinars.

READ MORE: Download a copy of Insight report: Innovation & R&D in construction