Highlights from Building Construction (May 2021)

  • Investment in Nova Scotia building construction increased 2.0% in May 2021 (seasonally adjusted) compared to April 2021.
    • Outside of Halifax monthly building construction increased 12.8% while Halifax building construction decreased 13.8% in May 2021.
  • In the first five months of 2021, building construction investment (seasonally adjusted) was up 26.1% in Nova Scotia over January-May 2020.
    • Halifax construction activity was up 5.5% and outside of Halifax construction activity was up 55.5%.
    • National building construction investment was up 28.6% with all provinces reporting increases over January-May 2020. The largest increases over this period were reported in Prince Edward Island (+65.7%) and New Brunswick (+45.8%). The smallest increase over this period was reported in Alberta (+6.4%).
  • Total Nova Scotia building construction investment was $351.3 million in May 2021.
    • Outside of Halifax building construction totalled $230.1 million in May 2021, while there was $121.1 million in building construction in Halifax.
  • In May 2021, non-residential building construction edged down 0.6% to $50.9 million in Nova Scotia (seasonally adjusted).
    • In Halifax, non-residential construction was down 5.6% to $20.1 million.
    • Outside of Halifax, non-residential construction was up 3.0% to $30.8 million.

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