COVID-19 Update for CANS Members – April 23, 2021

 The following message was sent Friday, April 23, 2021. We encourage CANS member firms to review the relevant recommendations and follow current public health measures. 

CANS Office Updates & Offering of Programs and Services

CANS office remains open to members for our in-person Projects & Documents services, including pick up of print orders, the sale of CCDC & CCA Standard Documents, and the signing of Statutory Declarations. In keeping with Public Health’s directive of wearing a non-medical mask in indoor public places, visitors to CANS Dartmouth office will be required to wear a mask upon entry of the building.

To ensure the health and safety of CANS staff, our members and visitors coming into our office, please follow instructions located on our front door prior to entry. You are required to call upon entry and wait for instructions from a CANS staff member. Only one person is able to enter CANS office at a time.

If you have any questions please give us a call 902-468-2267 ext 0


Safety Reminders and Tips for your Worksites

In recent conversations with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, they have noted that the construction industry is doing an overall good job. It is imperative that you and your employees follow public health orders and directives, including maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask during in-person meetings, and ensuring hand sanitizer is readily available.

We know that our industry is working hard throughout this pandemic to keep each other, our families and communities safe. We are doing a good job of observing public health recommendations, but we’re not through this yet.

Wash your hands regularly: Washing your hands with soap and water is best. If soap and water aren’t available, make sure your worksite is stocked with sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol.

Cleaning and disinfecting: Viruses can live on surfaces for several days. Reduce your risk of infection by cleaning and disinfecting every day. You should clean the surfaces and objects you touch most frequently at least once a day, or more if needed.

Consistency and social distancing: In addition to staying two meters apart whenever possible, keep your close workgroups consistent and bubble the same team members together wherever possible. Make informed choices about interacting with others socially, and stay updated on current gathering limits


Worksite Safety Tips & Reminders —

The following message was sent from Construction Safety Nova Scotia on Friday, April 23, 2021. 

From Construction Safety Nova Scotia — With the rise in cases here in Nova Scotia, and the restrictions put into place yesterday, it is crucial that the construction industry continues to work safely to protect against the spread of COVID-19. Now is the time to ensure your COVID-19 safety protocols on your worksite are being adhered to and new measures put into place if needed. Here are a few helpful tips to remember.

Here are a Few Helpful Tips to Remember —

Wear your masks: Don’t underestimate the critical role masks play in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please make sure you and your crew are wearing your masks on site, in the shop and in shared vehicles as much as possible. Ensure you are wearing your mask whenever physical distancing is difficult, for example performing work that requires being closer than 2m. It makes a difference.

Don’t forget to sign in and out: Contact tracing helps public health officials limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Please do your part by tracking all persons in and out of your workplaces and sites. Name, contact information, time and date should be recorded. If you have an outbreak on a site, you will need proper contact tracing measures to have been in place to identify where the risk came from and how you can protect the rest of your workers.

Avoid large meetings and toolbox talks: Large meetings and toolbox talks need to be avoided right now. Consider virtual options and/or limiting gatherings to individual work crews. Ensure masking, hygiene and physical distancing protocols are followed.

Review your COVID-19 safety protocols: Are your COVID-19 protocols being followed in the workplace? Conduct an inspection, speak with your employees. Are hygiene and cleaning products readily available? Are safe work practices being followed? Are you and your company doing everything reasonably possible to keep your employees, contractors, guests and workplace safe?

Remember, we are in this together: The Nova Scotia construction industry has continued to operate safely throughout the pandemic. The recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the Province presents a risk to individual workers and the industry as a whole. Now is not the time to become complacent. Ensure you are following health and safety protocols: stay home when feeling unwell, follow good hygiene and cleaning practices, maintain a distance of 2m from others, wear your mask, report concerns to your supervisor and safety representative/JOHS Committee and encourage others to follow your lead. Together we can keep the industry healthy, safe and productive.

Reach out for help and advice: Our team of OH&S advisors are here to help you and your workers through these difficult and confusing times. Have a question about your COVID-19 safety plan? What measures to put into place? When you need to social distance? Give us a call or email today, we are here to support you. Stay safe!

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