HRM Seeking Input from Designers of Municipal Infrastructure

January 19, 2021 —

HRM is updating the Halifax Complete Streets Guidelines (commonly called the “Red Book”) and is seeking input from external stakeholders, specifically, designers of municipal infrastructure.

For the 2021 update, staff have been asked to incorporate changes for specific topics. These are:

  • Complete streets design approach;
  • Streetscaping guidelines in the Regional Centre;
  • Tree guidelines;
  • Street lighting design guidelines; and,
  • Details for traffic calming measures, multi-use paths, pedestrian ramps, tactile walking surface indicators, protected bike lanes, and new traffic signal bases.

Please note that the target audience for the document is designers of municipal
infrastructure, and therefore technical language is used throughout. Click here for a summary regarding the updates to the Guidelines.

View the Document:

Halifax Complete Streets Guidelines – 2021 Draft

Send Your Comments:

Comments and questions can be directed to Shannon O’Connell (HRM) at throughout your review. Responses must be returned by February 9, 2021, to be incorporated into this update.