CAF Developing New Labour Mobility Tool

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) is developing a new labour mobility tool that will help employers and apprentices ensure they have the proper documentation they need before moving from one jurisdiction to another. Read more

8 Reasons Why the Global Construction Industry Needs to Innovate

A recent McKell Institute Report declared that firms must “innovate or perish” and that executives are faced with a fundamental choice. They can either take “the ‘low-road’ of narrow cost-cutting and an unwinnable ‘race to the bottom’ or they can take the ‘high road’ of innovation to position themselves at the top of the value […]

The Construction Worker of the Future

Rob McKinney talks about a webinar he delivered that focused on a short history describing the evolution of technology in the construction industry. Read more

The Potential of 3-D Printing in Construction Comes to Life

Looking somewhat like an elegant tent frame, a gracefully curving structure on display at a special show in Toronto is a visual demonstration of the potential of 3-D printing in design and construction, say its creators. Read more



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