Premiers Look at Boosting Innovation and Productivity

On an agenda focusing on improving the country’s economic position they addressed several major issues affecting the provinces including productivity and innovation, internal and international trade barriers and infrastructure. Read more

Transportation Needs Fuel Tax Boost: Report

After 23 years of sitting idle, it’s time for the province to raise fuel taxes in order to generate needed revenue for transportation improvements, a recently released report strongly recommends. Read more

Megaprojects: the Good, the Bad, and the Better

Building big infrastructure projects is always risky, but there are ways to improve the odds of a smooth landing. Read more

Cautious Optimism for Proposed LMI Council

“The more attention that provincial governments give to things like harmonization of apprenticeship and looking at easier qualification recognition can only help in terms of having a more streamlined approach,” says CCA President Michael Atkinson. Read more



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