The Potential of 3-D Printing in Construction Comes to Life

Looking somewhat like an elegant tent frame, a gracefully curving structure on display at a special show in Toronto is a visual demonstration of the potential of 3-D printing in design and construction, say its creators. Read more

California UAV Specialist Aims at Construction Industry

Instead of speculating on how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — or drones — will transform the economy, California’s DroneBase is enlisting construction contractors as early adopters. Read more

Virtual Reality Breaks into Interior Design

The Calgary-based company has developed a reputation for producing precision crafted prefabricated components for interior construction. Barrie Loberg, chief technology officer and co-founder of DIRTT, developed the company’s ICE 3D design and specification software, which allows clients to interactively explore interior design plans using the company’s building products. Read more  

Science Making Strides with Transparent Aluminum

Fans of the original Star Trek series know that transparent aluminum was developed by Lieutenant Montgomery “Scotty” Scott for Plexicorp on a time travel trip to 1986. However, science happens to be catching up with science fiction. Read more

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