The Details Matter When Politicians Promise Big Spending on Infrastructure

An important debate in the current election is about the role of deficits in Canadian fiscal policy. The New Democratic Party and the Conservatives are committed to balancing the budget annually. The Liberals propose to fund infrastructure projects by running short-term deficits. The Liberal approach is new and has not been subjected to sufficient scrutiny. […]

Canadian Companies Anticipate Unprecedented Infrastructure Spending

Canada’s largest engineering and construction firms are gearing up to prosper from electoral promises and a massive need to upgrade North America’s crumbling infrastructure. Read more

Construction Output Poised to Rise in Most Canadian Cities

Growth in the construction sectors of cities such as Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, and Winnipeg will contribute to modest economic expansion in those cities as 2015 wraps up, the Conference Board of Canada predicts in its report titled Metropolitan Outlook: Fall 2015, released Sept. 23. Read more

CCA Election Issue: Infrastructure and Prosperity

Canada will go to the polls on October 19, 2015. Do you know what the leaders of the major political parties think about construction-related issues? Do you know who the candidates are in your riding and whether they are up to speed on construction issues? CCA Election Issue: Infrastructure and Prosperity Strategic and sustainable investment […]

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