CCDC seminar coming to Dartmouth!

With so many new construction documents soon-to-be or already released, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) is thrilled to be hosting the Canadian Construction Documents Committee’s (CCDC) first in-person seminars since the pandemic. Attendees will be guided on the use and application of the following new documents by the authors themselves.

  • CCDC 16 ‘A Guide to Changes in the Contract’
  • CCDC 20 ‘A Guide to Construction Contract Administration’
  • CCDC 220 ‘Bid Bond’
  • CCDC 221 ‘Performance Bond’
  • CCDC 222 ‘Labour and Material Payment Bond’
  • CCDC 2MA ‘Master Agreement between Owner and Contractor’
  • CCDC 4 ‘Unit Price Contract’
  • CCDC 18 ‘Civil Works Contract’

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CCDC Seminar: Dartmouth 

Date: May 1, 2024
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: CANS office (134 Eileen Stubbs Ave, unit 103, Dartmouth, NS)
Price: $390 + tax (Additional registrants from the same organization will receive a $100 discount)

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Registrants will also receive official copies of the new documents, an approximate value of over $350!

Who should attend?

This seminar will appeal to all stakeholders in the construction process, including project owners, consultants, contractors, project managers and allied professionals.

Continuing education credits

Each four-hour seminar has been accredited for one Gold Seal credit. We are working to acquire more, check out the latest updates here. Ask your professional development association if CCDC seminars may be eligible for further continuing education credits.

Here’s a peek at what you will learn this May
CCDC 16 – ‘A Guide to Changes in the Contract’

It’s well known that changes in construction are inevitable. The new CCDC 16, coming in 2024, helps users navigate changes when they arise, minimizing impacts and conflicts. During this presentation, speakers will explain important concepts within the guide, including:

  • CCDC’s philosophy of the change process
  • Need-to-know clauses to protect yourself
  • Pricing of changes and mark-ups
  • Each party’s rights in the change process
  • What to know before proceeding with a change order, change directive, or supplemental instruction
  • Cumulative impact of changes claims 
CCDC 20 – ‘A Guide to Construction Contract Administration’

The consultant’s position as the contract administrator is critical to the success of the project. CCDC 20 helps owners, contractors, and consultants alike understand their roles. During the presentation on the new guide, attendees will learn about:

  • Review of the work by the consultant and other inspection/testing agencies
  • The payment process, including timelines, holdbacks and proper invoices
  • The review and acceptance process of submittals (e.g. shop drawings)
  • The consultant’s role in facilitating dispute resolution
  • Other important issues like substitutions, closeout, and warranty
Bond Forms

New versions of the CCDC bond forms (CCDC 220 ‘Bid Bond’, CCDC 221 ‘Performance Bond’ and CCDC 222 ‘Labour & Material Payment Bond) will be published in 2024. The presentation will explain the changes introduced in these forms, including:

  • The bond validity period (CCDC 220)
  • The Ready-for-Takeover project milestone (CCDC 221)
  • Clauses addressing necessary interim work and mitigation work (CCDC 221)
  • New streamlined claim process with standard notice and response forms (CCDC 221, 222)
  • Reduced restrictions on when a claim can be advanced (CCDC 222)
CCDC 2MA, 4 and 18

In November 2023, new versions of three contract forms were published, bringing them in line with the CCDC 2 – 2020. This includes the CCDC 4 ‘Unit Price Contract’, CCDC 18 ‘Civil Works Contract’ and CCDC 2MA ‘Master Agreement Between Owner and Contractor’. CCDC 2MA establishes contractual terms and conditions for multiple projects issued by separate work authorizations. These three documents and the important changes from their previous versions will be reviewed as part of the seminar.

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