Register for a Pilot Project of an Online Silica Control Tool

You’re invited to join a pilot project in Nova Scotia for an online silica control tool. The pilot project is a partnership between Construction Safety Nova Scotia (CSNS) and British Columbia Construction Safety Association (BCCSA).

The tool was designed in partnership with Worksafe BC and BCCSA in 2017 to comply with Silica Monitoring Regulations in British Columbia. It currently has 3500 users, 80% in construction and 20% in other industries. The tool is to be set to be available for CSNS in early 2023

What is Crystalline Silicia?

Crystalline silica is a naturally occurring mineral found in soil, sand, and rocks. Work processes such as breaking, grinding or sawing these materials release crystalline silica dust into the air. Workplace exposure to crystalline silica is common in several trades due to its presence in many handled materials such as concrete, mortar and brick.

Health risks of exposure to crystalline silica:

  • 570 lung cancers are due to crystalline silica each year in Canada
  • Most occupational lung cancers associated with crystalline silica occur in workers in the construction sector (56%)
  • Work-related silica exposure resulted in approximately $562 million for newly diagnosed cancer cases annually
  • Other health effects include silicosis- thickening and scarring of lungs, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Join the Pilot Project!

Interested? To join this innovative project for Nova Scotia, please contact Phil Brownell at or 902-489-9765.