Highlights from “Building Permits, March 2022,” Released May 9

Note: Changes in monthly building permit values are typically very volatile, with large swings from one month to the next.

Month over Month Building Permits Statistics —
  • Nova Scotia’s total building permits (residential and non-residential) decreased 14.6% to $188.4 million.
    • Halifax permits decreased 10.0% to $101.6 million.
    • Outside the city, permit values decreased 19.5% to $86.8 million.
    • National permits decreased 9.3% to $11.67 billion
  • Nova Scotia’s non-residential building permits decreased 18.5% to $41.6 million.
    • Halifax permits decreased 23.1% to $23.8 million.
    • Outside the city, non-residential permit values decreased 11.3% to $17.9 million.
    • National non-residential building permit values decreased 29.5% to $3.72 billion.
    • Non-residential permit values were up in 4 of 10 provinces, led by Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick. Prince Edward Island and British Columbia reported the largest declines.

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