Think Differently Today

As spring finally arrives, construction starts to kick into high gear. Today, I ask that you think a little differently about the people you see with hard hats, safety vests and steel-toed boots.

You may be delayed because of construction, but think about this: these hard working professionals are the people who build the highways that are so important to trade and tourism; hospitals that welcome our newest tiny humans and house those who need care; schools, where the hopes, dreams and creativity of our youth are ignited. They, and the tens of thousands of professionals behind them, build the infrastructure we take for granted everyday as we go to a graduation, visit a sick friend or simply go for a Sunday drive along our beautiful shores. We take it for granted, yet, this infrastructure is so vital to our economy, public safety and very way of life.

Today, I ask that you look up when you see a crane and be amazed with the science, technology and complexity of design and construction of the project. The next time you brush your teeth or take a shower, think about the complexity of getting safe clean drinking water to your home. When you cross a bridge without a thought, know that there are many people who have thought long and worked hard so you don’t have to think about it.

Think differently today and I promise you will think differently every day after that about the 30,000 men and women who build our province. You may even be motivated to say thanks the next time you pass a construction site (from a safe distance of course)!


Duncan Williams
President, Construction Association of Nova Scotia