Urgent // Please provide feedback to WCB on “Pre-Existing Conditions Draft Policy” by Jan. 31, 2017

In September 2016, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) issued a working paper and Draft Policy titled “Pre-Existing Conditions – Entitlement” for public consultation. Click HERE to review. The Office of the Employer Advisor (OEA) facilitated a working group to review and consider the WCB’s documents, meeting throughout the fall of 2016. In December, OEA collected comments, feedback and advice on the first draft of the Employer’s Submission to fully represent the employer’s issues on this subject.

Please find attached OEA’s Employer Submission. Please review the submission and consider the impact of the proposed WCB policy regarding the compensability/entitlement of pre-existing conditions.

CANS is in agreement and endorses OEA’s positions and recommendations following their consultations with industry and working group. On behalf of CANS Board of Directors and Members, we have submitted our Letter of Endorsement of OEA’s Employer Submission to WCB.

OEA has asked employers to do one of two things, or do both: return a signed/dated Letter of Endorsement to OEA or, copy the entire submission onto your own letterhead and submit to the WCB as your submission. The final submission of employer comments was originally due on Monday, January 9, but the WCB has notified stakeholders and extended it to Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

Click HERE for the OEA’s Letter of Endorsement template.

Click HERE for OEA’s Employer Submission document.

To submit your Letter of Endorsement to OEA, please contact:

Mary Morris
Executive Director of OEA
Phone: (902) 442-9366
Email: mary.morris@oeans.ca
Fax: (902) 252-3466

To submit your feedback directly to WCB, please forward it to:

Caroline Read
Policy Analyst, WCB of Nova Scotia
PO Box 1150
Halifax NS B3J 2Y2
E-mail: caroline.read@wcb.gov.ns.ca