Video: We Belong in the Trades, from the Women in Trades Office

One of the biggest challenges that impacts female participation in the skilled trades is workplace culture.  Often, women feel like they don’t belong in the trades and need to work twice as hard to be recognized as being only half as good as their male colleagues. Despite this, they continue to show up day after day, proving themselves and challenging these perceptions even though they shouldn’t have to.

“We Belong in Trades” is a two-and-a-half-minute educational and awareness video depicting real-life experiences as described by female Journeypersons working in skilled trades where they are under-represented. The video emphasizes the importance of male allyship with the following call-to-action, “Stand Up. Be an Ally. Change HerStory”.

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By sharing this video, you will help influence culture change in trades workplaces and generate positive shifts in perceptions and attitudes toward women working in predominantly male industries; ultimately helping to create safer, more inclusive workplaces for women in trades.

About the Women in Trades Office

The Women in Trades (WIT) Office works within the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA) focusing on recruiting, retaining and advancing women in the skilled trades where they are under-represented, and providing women with a more successful apprenticeship pathway.

The WIT Office strives to facilitate systematic change within the skilled trades in Atlantic Canada. By working in collaboration with eligible employers, the goal is to create welcoming, inclusive workplaces and employment opportunities for a diversity of women. Click here to learn more.