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Statistics — NS Construction Industry had 5.9% Job Vacancy Rate (April 2021)

Nova Scotia had 13,565 job vacancies in April 2021 with a vacancy rate of 3.4%. Canadian employers were actively recruiting for 682,835 positions (not seasonally adjusted) in April with a vacancy rate of 4.3%. The highest vacancy rates were reported in Quebec (5.4%) and Prince Edward Island (4.7%). Newfoundland and Labrador recorded the lowest vacancy rate at 3.0%.

CANSnet Preview: Port Morien Wastewater Collection Project

In 2019, CBRM began exploring possible treatment plants in Glace Bay and Port Morien, along with Battery Point disinfection system upgrades. This is in keeping with federal wastewater regulations, which dictate that effluent emptying into waterways must be treated by 2020. Government funding has since been secured and plans confirmed for new sewage treatment plants in Glace Bay and Port Morien.