CANS 2020-2023 Strategic Plan


The Construction Association of Nova Scotia will be the leading voice of the construction industry respected by members, government, industry and the public as a provider of the highest quality and value-added services.


We believe in:

  • Treating our members and staff with respect and fairness in a professional, consistent and open manner.
  • Providing programs and services that meet member needs, are accessible, represent good value for money and are offered using first class facilities and technologies.
  • Recognizing and rewarding those who contribute to our success and that of our industry.
  • Keeping our members informed on current issues and promoting open discussion and decision-making.
  • Speaking on behalf of our members on issues that are vital to the success of our industry.
  • Fostering cooperation among construction professionals to continually improve industry standards and practices.
  • Building our communities by fostering active support for the on-going needs of our communities.
  • Fostering and promoting safety and environmental responsibility for the benefit of our members and their communities.
Priority Planning Areas

CANS is a member driven and sector focused association recognized for responsiveness, proactivity and excellence in service delivery. In keeping with its grass roots approach, from October 2019 to June 2020 CANS heard from upwards of 300 members and staff regarding the future priorities of the association and ideas for achieving these goals. Input on where and how CANS would best focus its capabilities was gathered through surveys, focus group discussions, individual interviews, polls and a virtual town hall. Views were exchanged, recorded, analyzed and themed. The Board of Directors and staff considered these views and the dynamic environment of the industry in charting the 2020-2023 priorities for the association.

There was a high level of consensus across all stakeholder groups as to the key priority areas – for industry impact and member value. Four key pillars or areas of focus stood out strongly as relevant and beneficial. As well, tactical approaches for achieving success in these arenas were brought forward.

CANS 2020-2023 key pillars and tactical approaches are:

  • Government & Industry Relations
  • Workforce Development
  • Industry Education & Training
  • Innovation & Technology
Click here to read CANS 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and learn more about our key priority planning areas.