Construction Could Enter the 3D Matrix?

Up late one night, unable to sleep, Platt Boyd picked up a pen and began to doodle. But the pen he had in hand was a device called a 3Doodler, an instrument meant for creating free-form, 3D-printed objects. Read more

Paving a New Way for Road Base Material

Building roads over swamps and muskegs has always been a challenge. Having them stand up to the weight of modern mining and forestry equipment has been even tougher. Read more

Switzerland Has Completed Construction on the World’s Longest Tunnel

Tunneling and track-laying for the 35-mile NEAT Gotthard Base Tunnel has been completed, making it officially the longest tunnel in the world, surpassing Japan’s 14-1/2-mile Seikan Tunnel. Read more

New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California. Read more

Three Tiers of Chambers of Commerce Call on Federal Parties to Commit to Investing in Trade-enabling Infrastructure

At a press conference near the aging Gardiner Expressway, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Toronto Region Board of Trade sent a message to all the federal parties: the next federal government must have a clear vision on trade that includes essential infrastructure investments. Read more

Infrastructure in the Rich World

An historic opportunity to improve infrastructure on the cheap is in danger of being squandered. Read more

Trudeau Announces Infrastructure Investment

The Liberals’ plan includes $125 billion in infrastructure investment over 10 years. Read more

Building Permits July 2015

After a large increase the previous month, Nova Scotia building permits, seasonally adjusted, decreased 33.1 per cent compared to June 2015 to $101.5 million. Permits values for the month were 6.2 per cent higher compared to July 2014. Permits for residential construction were down from the previous month 39.6 per but the six month average continues to trend up. Non-residential permits fell 7.0 per cent compared to June 2015 but were 7.1 per cent higher than July 2014. Read more

Residential Construction Investment 2nd Quarter 2015

Residential construction (unadjusted for seasonality) in Nova Scotia for the second quarter 2015 was $542.9 million, 6.3 per cent higher than the 2nd quarter in 2014. New dwellings construction increased by 22.0 per cent  (+$27.3 million)  due to an increase in apartments (+$31.3 million, +107.6%) while singles were up 0.8 per cent (+$0.6 million).   Renovations, the largest share of construction investment , was up 2.3 per cent or $7.8 million compared to 2nd quarter of last year. Read more

Nova Scotia 2015 Labour Market Assessment Report

Key stakeholders in the Industrial-Commercial-Institutional (ICI) construction industry gathered today for the official release of the Nova Scotia 2015 Labour Market Assessment (LMA) Report. Read the Report