CCDC 11 – Contractor’s Qualification Statement

Did you know that CCDC 11- Contractor’s Qualification Statement was just updated? Effective December 6, 2019, CCDC 11 – 2019 will be in circulation.

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Overview of Changes

This 2019 edition has been streamlined for a better user experience and includes the following changes from the previous version:

  • The TRIF question has been removed from the table for worker’s compensation information.
  • Editorial changes in Appendix C.
  • Additional copies of the appendices are now built into the document.
  • Instructions to assist users with filling out the Company’s Experience Rate will be available on the CCDC website.

Sample Document


  • The previous 2018 edition of this document will still be available until June 5, 2020.
  • CANS will exchange 2018 CCDC seals for 2019 CCDC seals, free of charge.