CANS and CNIB Campaign – Phone It Forward

The Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) has a solution for your old smartphones collecting dust. Donate your old phones to CNIB’s Phone it Forward program and you can help unlock the life-changing potential of mobile technology for Nova Scotians who are blind or partially sighted. This campaign will run from November 20 until December 21, 2018.

What is Phone It Forward?

Phone It Forward is a new CNIB Foundation program, supported by Fixt Wireless Repair, that gives smartphones to people with sight loss. CNIB trains individuals who are blind or partially sighted to use smartphones in many ways, including:

  • Accessible phone; calling, messaging, email, browser
  • Access to print and audiobooks; DAISY book reader, Audible Kindle, iBooks
  • Access to real-time sighted assistance
  • Talking object identifiers, colour identifier, barcode readers and calculators
  • Talking health apps: glucose reader, blood pressure readout, heart monitoring
  • Talking navigational and orientational GPS solutions
  • Handheld magnification apps
  • Talking money identifiers
  • Talking product labeling solutions

“My smartphone is much more than just a phone – it’s a lifeline,” says Shelley Adams, the CNIB Foundation’s program lead, who has an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. “With accessible apps, I use it to navigate with GPS, to read text on signs, posters and brochures, to tell me what colour my daughter’s clothes are when I’m getting her ready for daycare, and so much more!” 

How it Works – For Companies

  • Sign off on a corporate agreement. Include your company name, address and representative. Click HERE to download the corporate agreement form.
  • Prepare your phones for donation by:
    • Backing up your data;
    • Removing your phone password (iCloud lock/Google lock/Blackberry ID);
    • Removing your SIM Card;
    • Removing your SD card (if applicable);
    • Performing a factory reset on your device; and
    • Removing all cases, accessories and cables
  • Print and sign the corporate agreement form and enclose in a box with your packaged phones. Pick up may be arranged or you may deliver to CANS Dartmouth office (134 Eileen Stubbs Ave., Unit 103 Dartmouth, NS). Charitable tax receipts are based on fair market value of donated phones.

How it Works – For Individuals

  • Register your phone donation– Donate today. Register at
  • Pick up an envelope– Pick up a prepaid Phone It Forward donation envelope from CANS Dartmouth office (134 Eileen Stubbs Ave., Unit 103 Dartmouth, NS) or CNIB in Halifax.
  • Send/drop off your phone– Pack your smartphone donation and the required, signed documents generated in the registration process, in the envelope and drop in any Canada Post mailbox. You may also drop it off to CANS Dartmouth office.
  • Receive your tax receipt– When your device is received and evaluated to confirm it matches the information provided to us, we will send out your tax receipt.

What phones does Phone It Forward accept?

The program accepts donations of any modern smartphone, ideally iPhone 5 or later, as well as Google and Android devices Samsung 4 and later. Click HERE to view the full list.

How do you guarantee the device has been fully and securely wiped?

Using military grade software, Fixt Wireless Repair ensures your data and information is safe and secure, by:

  • Wiping your donated phone using ADISA Standards certified erasure software that provides documentation for each device including:
    • Device specific IMEI
    • Device technical descriptions
    • Erasure date and time stamp
  • Proof of data wiping and destruction report will be provided upon request.
  • Devices with passcode locks and other security protocols that prohibit data wiping will be quarantined and reported back.

For more information:

CNIB Foundation NS
Diane MacDougall

Colleen Fiske-Pinaud