COVID-19 FAQ – Updated FAQ from Construction Safety Nova Scotia

Please be advised that with the recent rise in COVID-19 cases and activity around the province, CANS will be increasing our email communications to members to provide you with relevant updates, as soon as possible. 

From Construction Safety Nova Scotia …

Here are some frequently asked questions we have been receiving about the new COVID-19 restrictions and the construction industry:

Q: Are there restrictions for the number of people on a jobsite?

At the present time, there are no restrictions for the number of people allowed on a jobsite. Physical distancing, mask use (to the extent possible) and good hygiene practices are required.

Q: Will specialized workers be turned away at when attempting to enter Nova Scotia by land or air?

Specialized workers are still able to enter Nova Scotia by land or air to conduct urgent and critical work, provided they adhere to the Specialized Worker Protocols.
Urgent and critical work is defined here.

Q: Do the new training restrictions pertain to areas outside of HRM?

Restrictions placed on training do not pertain to areas outside of the HRM and the affected surrounding communities.

Q: What are the training limits outside of HRM?

The number of students allowed in training courses taking place outside of the HRM and affected surrounding communities is a maximum of 50% of the rooms legal occupancy and no more than 100 persons. Those in attendance must adhere to physical distancing requirements of 2 metres (6 feet). 100% mask use is strongly encouraged. See section 5.5 of the Health Protection Act Order for full details.

Q: Can workers still travel in and out of HRM, even if they are not essential?

Travel in and out of HRM and affected surrounding communities for work is permitted.

Q: Will Department of Labour and Advanced Education make allowances for safety training/certification that is expired, due to cancelled training/ new restrictions?

As per previous times when health restrictions prevented training recertification, yes, allowances will be made (the expired training would need to coincide with the restriction dates).

Q: Can service providers enter residential dwellings to perform work?

A: Service providers can still enter residential dwellings, provided that the service they are providing is necessary. Masking, distancing and frequent disinfecting of high touch surfaces is required.

Q: My training is about to expire, are there allowances being made by the OHS Division of LAE?

A: If your compliance training (e.g. First Aid, Fall Protection) training has expired recently and retraining is affected by restrictions, allowances may be made for expired training, assuming all reasonable efforts were made to obtain retraining. Retraining needs to be taken as soon as reasonably possible.

Q: Where can I access compliance training such as Fall Protection, Confined Space and First Aid during the lockdown?

A: Online training can be taken, provided that the training meets the requirement of NS regulations. Construction Safety Nova Scotia offers a retraining self-study program for Fall Protection and Confined Space. Additionally an online and in-person practical for Emergency and Standard First Aid (the practical component can be completed when restrictions are eased or lifted). Construction Safety Nova Scotia is now offering virtual Fall Protection and Confined Space training. More virtual courses are planned for release in the near future. Please call 902 468 6696 ext.7 or visit to learn more about our course offerings.

Q: Are there gathering limits in place for construction sites?

A: Presently there are no gathering limit restrictions in place. The health and safety protocols of physical distancing, cleaning and good hygiene are in place. Masks should be worn except for when impractical to do so. Use good judgment, if the site feels too crowded, it likely is and should be addressed.

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