COVID-19: Nova Scotia at A Glance

Cases of COVID-19

As of July 7, Nova Scotia has four active cases of COVID-19. No new cases were identified on July 6. All told, the province has reported 1,065confirmed cases of the virus. Read the full release from the Province here.

New Gathering Limits Announced

The new gathering limits are now in effect.  If a recognized business or organization is planning an event outdoors, 250 people can attend with physical distancing in place. For an indoor event, the limit is 50 per cent capacity to a maximum of 200 – with physical distancing. Click here for further details from the updated Health Protection Order.

Tracking Visitors to Atlantic Canada

People entering Nova Scotia from outside Atlantic Canada must complete a tracking form to enter the province in addition to providing an address where they will be staying and self-isolating for 14 days and a phone number where they can be reached 24/7.

Nova Scotia’s borders, while restricted, are not closed. People from outside of Atlantic Canada are welcome to the province, but they must self-isolate for 14 days when they arrive. For more details, read the full release from the Province.

Access Nova Scotia Open for Walk-in Services

Walk-in service is now available at Access Centres. Depending on your transaction, this means you can either go online (click here), make an appointment, or drop in. Please note: a high volume of walk-in traffic is expected. If you can, complete your transaction online or make an appointment first to avoid a long wait.