COVID-19 Update for CANS Members — January 5, 2022


Reminder – CANS staff are working from home, offering members our services remotely the week of January 3, 2022. 

CANS office, including access to the Business Centre and board rooms, are closed to CANS staff, members, and visitors. We will re-evaluate at the end of this week. All CANS staff are able provide services remotely however, please note there may be delays in the services we provide but we will keep any issues to a minimum.  

Update on CANS Projects & Documents Services

CANS Tender Library remains active and accessible to members 24/7. Please click here for an update on CANS Projects & Documents Services, including print orders, CCDC & CCA standard documents, and Statutory Declarations.   


Provincial COVID Restrictions, as of January 5, 2022 —


Updates to Restrictions and Isolation Requirements

Nova Scotia will extend current COVID-19 restrictions until January 31 and make changes to self-isolation requirements. No new restrictions have been added. The changes in self-isolation requirements are based on the latest evidence that shows a person with the Omicron variant is most infectious in the couple of days before and after symptoms develop, and the virus transmits more quickly between cases and their susceptible contacts. The changes below take effect for most Nova Scotians on Friday, January 7, at 6 a.m.

Click here to read the full news release. 

Funding Support for Businesses

Provincial Support

The Sector Impact Support Program provides a one-time grant of up to $7,500 to help small business owners that have been impacted by the new province-wide public health restrictions. Applications will open early January 2022.  

Nova Scotians who need to take time off work because of COVID-19 may qualify for up to four paid sick days through the COVID-19 Sick Leave Program. More details to come. 

Federal Support

On December 22, the federal government announced an expansion to two of their support programs for businesses and individuals: 

The Local Lockdown Program is a way businesses, charities, and non-profits affected by a qualifying public health restriction can be eligible for wage and rent support through the Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program (THRP). You do not have to be in the tourism, hospitality, arts, entertainment, or recreation sectors to be eligible for this support. 

The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit gives temporary income support to employed and self-employed people who cannot work due to a COVID-19 lockdown. 

Health & Safety Resources for Businesses

Government of Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia provincial government has compiled guidance and resources for employers and employees on how to keep workplaces safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes: 

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has compiled resources to help you manage your business during COVID-19 and includes Resources for businesses, their employees and selfemployed individuals including financial support, loans and access to credit: 

Support for businesses 

Operating safely 

CANS COVID-19 Information

Click HERE to visit CANS COVID-19 Information Centre.