Meet Your CANS Team!

It’s been a while since many of you have seen CANS staff in-person. With the way of the world continuing remotely, we thought it would be a great time to (re)introduce CANS team to our members on the digital front! This week, get to know…

Get to Know Chantal

Headline reads Meet Your CANS Team. Chantal Arsenault - Manager, Education & Training Development. Start date: June 2016. Photo is a selfie of Chantal smiling.


What do you like about working at CANS?

I love working for an organization that represents such an incredible industry! The people working in the construction industry are extremely passionate in what they do and it shows. To be a part of that in any way is really rewarding.

What is your favourite part of your workday?

Connecting with people on professional goals. Continuing education is such an important element of a person’s professional development, so to help with them during this process a great feeling.

What sets CANS apart from your past jobs?

The opportunities! CANS has great leadership and a board of directors who are always encouraging towards proposals for new and innovative ideas. To have a board of directors that truly trusts and encourages our team is invaluable.

Some of Chantal’s hobbies:

  • travelling (pre-COVID, some of my travels included, Colombia, Italy, France and Mexico)
  • cooking
  • hiking
  • fishing
  • golfing
  • home renovation

You might have met Chantal in-person at:

  • CANS Education (seminars, courses, personal consultations, etc.)
  • Annual De-Icers
  • CANS Golf Tournaments
  • CANSTech
  • CANS Holiday Open Houses

Did you Know?

Chantal has skydived, owns two Siamese cats, and is attempting to plan a COVID wedding!