It’s been a while since many of you have seen CANS staff in-person. With the way of the world continuing remotely, we thought it would be a great time to (re)introduce CANS team to our members on the digital front!

Get to Know Your CANS Team

Meet Your CANS Team – Kaitlyn Bennett

Did you know? Kaitlyn has lived in more than 25 homes throughout her life (Kaitlyn grew up in the industry as the daughter of a contractor!)

Meet Your CANS Team — Britney MacNeil

Did you know? Britney participated in Mud Hero (Martock, 2015)!

Meet Your CANS Team – Lesley Whynot

Did you know? Lesley joined CANS as an NSCC student in May 2001!

Meet Your CANS Team – Duncan Williams

Did you know? Duncan used to have long hair (in a 80s hair band style).

Meet Your CANS Team – Melody Hillman

Did you know? Melody raises a small flock of chickens!

Meet Your CANS Team – Michelle Peters

Did you know? Michelle is a major Bryan Adams fan (and he even wished her happy birthday at a concert!)

Meet Your CANS Team – Colleen Fiske-Pinaud

Did you know? Colleen was an extra in the movie “The Scarlett Letter” for three months in 1995!

Meet Your CANS Team — Vanessa Greencorn

Did you know? Vanessa loves to cook. If she won the lottery, she would take a culinary course for fun!

Meet Your CANS Team – Chantal Arsenault

Did you know? Chantal has skydived, owns two Siamese cats, and is attempting to plan a COVID wedding!

Meet Your CANS Team – Sheryl Farrington

Did you know? Sheryl has been a Beachbody coach for nearly a year! 

Meet Your CANS Team – Lori Rogers

Did you know? In her twenties, Lori backpacked on her own around Europe for 5 months. (Plus, she’s hiked up a volcano in Costa Rica — pretty amazing!)

Meet Your CANS Team – Tanya Reddick

Did you know? Tanya saw the Jackson 5 perform in Michigan in 1984, and Janet Jackson perform in BC in 2017!

Meet Your CANS Team – Lynda Sellon

Did you know? Lynda has a record-winning skydive! She was one of 47 women skydiving in-formation for the Canadian Women’s Freefall Record in 2013, which is still a record today!

Meet Your CANS Team – Morgan Dalrymple

Did you know? Morgan was a Highland Dancer in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo for two years!

Meet Your CANS Team — Alison Clack

Did you know? Alison designs jewellery in her spare time!

Meet Your CANS Team – Andrew Paris

Did you know? Andrew has travelled to 5/7 continents!

Meet Your CANS Team – Janelle Deveau

Did you know? Janelle teaches salsa dancing and has operated a backhoe!