Meet Your CANS Team!

It’s been a while since many of you have seen CANS staff in-person. With the way of the world continuing remotely, we thought it would be a great time to (re)introduce CANS team to our members on the digital front! This week, get to know…

Get to Know Melody

Headline reads Meet Your CANS Team. Melody Hillman – Director, Member Engagement & Development. Start date: October 2011. Photo is of Melody outfitted in rock climbing gear, smiling as she pulls herself up a rock face.


What do you like about working at CANS?

I like helping member companies be their best!

What is your favourite part of your workday?

My favourite part of my workday at CANS is collaborating with our team.

What sets CANS apart from your past jobs?

The support and engagement from our industry volunteers are like nothing I have ever experienced. We are so lucky!

Some of Melody’s hobbies:

  • Avid rock climber
  • Kayaking
  • Making ceramics

You might have met Melody in-person at:

Most of CANS events! I feel very lucky to have a high level of participation in most CANS initiatives.

Did you Know?

Did you know? Melody raises a small flock of chickens!