Looking Ahead: Atlantic Canada’s Economic and Demographic Future

Atlantic Canada is in the midst of a profound demographic and economic transition. The region’s population would be shrinking if people were not moving to Atlantic Canada. Our population is also aging faster than the rest of Canada while rural communities and larger cities show very different dynamics in terms of population and economic growth.

On March 25, Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC)’s President and CEO, David Chaundy, delivered a virtual address of what our region’s economic future could look like, what some of the key challenges will be, and how we might create better outcomes.

LEARN MORE: Access the Slide Deck from David Chaundy’s presentation here. 

APEC’s Looking Ahead is a series of bulletins designed to assess what the future holds in terms of Atlantic Canada’s demographic, economic and fiscal outlook, and to stimulate informed discussion on how stakeholders can best respond. To learn more about Looking Ahead reports.