More help wanted: Staffing shortages showing up in unexpected places

From CTV News —  MAY 30, 2022

“These continue to be golden times for job seekers in the Maritimes as the unemployment rate remains very low, and worker shortages are showing up in some unexpected places.

“With the heat of the summer building-in, you don’t have to look far to find construction workers in Halifax these days – yet there technically aren’t enough of them.

“With a stunning number of major projects in various stages, there’s plenty of jobs available, but a shortage of people to fill them.

“Like every industry, we’re really facing it because we need people out building,” said President & CEO of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia, Duncan Williams.

“Williams said it’s essentially a perfect storm – a post-pandemic exodus into retirement for veteran workers, an ongoing shortage of young people entering the trades, and an explosion of new projects.”

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