“Labour Productivity and Hours Worked, 2021 [Preliminary]”

May 20, 2022 — Statistics Canada has released preliminary labour productivity accounts for 2021. 

Definition: Labour productivity represents the amount of real value added generated per hour worked. 

Highlights for Nova Scotia —
  • Nova Scotia’s business sector labour productivity fell by 3.9% in 2021. 
    • National productivity was down 5.8%% with declines in all provinces except Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. 
    • Newfoundland and Labrador reported the largest decline in labour productivity.
  • Nova Scotia’s business sector labour productivity was $44.0 in real value added per hour worked in 2021. 
    • National business sector labour productivity was $58.4 in real value added per hour worked
  • As economic conditions normalized in 2021 after the pandemic-related distortions of 2020, Nova Scotia’s labour productivity still remained elevated from their pre-pandemic levels in 2019.  Nova Scotia’s labour productivity in 2021 was 6.8% higher than it was in 2019.
  • Nova Scotia’s hours worked in 2021 were 3.3% lower than in 2019. 
    • National hours worked were down 3.5%.  No province reported higher hours worked in 2021 than in 2019.
  • Compared with 2019, business sector real value added was up for the Maritime provinces (3.2% in Nova Scotia) as well as in British Columbia.
    • National real value added from the business sector remained 1.9% below pre-pandemic levels in 2021.
  • Compared with pre-pandemic levels from 2019, the largest increases in productivity were observed in support for agriculture/forestry (which also had the largest decline in hours worked), followed by construction

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