From the Safety Branch — “With the summer season fast approaching, it is important to manage outdoor worker exposure to ultraviolet light (UV). The Safety Branch would like to remind employers and their employees of some helpful tips on how to stay safe while working outdoors.

“The grass is green, flowers are blooming, and days are getting longer. As we all start to spend more time out in the sun, our personal risk of overexposure increases.

“Excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause many health hazards, the most common hazard being temporary and permanent skin damage resulting from sun tans and sun burns. This can eventually result in skin cancer. Sun exposure also increases the risk of heat stress and heat stroke.

To help raise awareness and reduce the risks of sun related hazards, the Safety Branch has released the following bulletins and alerts:

Safety Bulletins
Hazard Alert
Support & Additional Information

For additional information and resources, visit the Sun Awareness Month page from the Canadian Dermatology Association. There are also free posters, fact sheets, and more under their Free Printable Resources section.

If you have any questions, remember to Make The Right Call by contacting the Safety Branch by phone: 1-800-9LABOUR, or by email: