Memo from Halifax Regional Municipality regarding Permit Applications

Permit applications are now available online through our new Permitting, Planning, Inspection and Compliance Customer Portal. This move to digital has been a long time coming and with it comes changes to how our customers will apply for permits. 

 We are committed to supporting industry through this transition by offering virtual training sessions to those individuals in your organization who are directly responsible for applying for permits. We have also refreshed our web presence and included improved educational material on . There are How-To Videos, Common Questions, Permit Requirement Guides and lots of great information to help support you and your employees with permitting. 

Attendees should be: 

  • The individuals who are going to be using the system to apply for and monitor permit applications as part of their day-to-day duties or; 
  •  Individuals responsible for training others in the organization to use the system going forward.

The following sessions will cover Building Permits and associated permits such as Water Permit, ROW-Development Permit, Lot Grading & Grade Alteration Permits, plus more. The objective of the training is to ensure you know how to register for an account, how to set-up and manage a contractor profile, and how to apply for permits as an individual or as a contractor/employee of a contractor. 

We encourage all organizations to have at least one representative responsible for permit applications attend one of the following training sessions: 

  • March 4th 1pm-4pm 
  • March 10th 1pm-4pm
  • March 11th 9am-12pm

Please send your registration request to:

Please include the name of your company, name of participant and contact email of the participant.