Entries by Alison Clack

CANSTech Exhibitor Spotlight: Hilti Canada

“The construction industry is one that seems to be lagging in terms of technology adaption. With material costs, increased competition, shrinking margins and the fact that productivity levels have remained stagnate for many years, now is the time that businesses need to investigate adapting technology more than ever. CANSTech gives owners and businesses the ability to understand and see the newest technologies available to enhance productivity and process in their organization, thus giving them a competitive edge.”

CANSTech Exhibitor Spotlight: Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council (NSCSC)

“Technology is constantly changing and becoming an integral component of the productivity and success of the construction sector. Not only does it play a role in the lifecycle of a construction project – everything from design, build, through to testing and commissioning, it can also be used as a tool for career awareness and recruitment of tomorrow’s workforce. It can provide real-life experiences to those who are unable to get the opportunity to visit an active job-site.”

CANS Events, presented by YOU!

CANS hosts six sell-out, marquee events each year. We’re currently looking for presenting sponsors for three of these events, our: De-Icer (April 24, 2020); Softball Tournament (August 2020); and 158 Annual General Meeting (October 2-4, 2020).

CANSTech Exhibitor Spotlight: Exterior Technologies Group

“I applaud the CANS team for initiating CANSTech and we are very excited to be participating Feb. 27, 2020, in Halifax, NS. I feel CANSTech is very important to the Atlantic Region because it offers a new and additional opportunity for suppliers, manufacturers and other stakeholders in the region to get in front of — not only architects but contractors, developers, owners, etc…”

CANSTech Exhibitor Spotlight: Servant Dunbrack McKenzie & MacDonald (SDMM) Limited

“It’s crucially important to host and attend these types of events in Atlantic Canada. It’s inspiring and productive to come together as an industry and collectively “raise each others’ bars,” especially during this transitional time of digital transformation. We understand that digital transformation will result in time savings, increased quality, improved safety, greater sustainability and waste reduction. CANSTech is a venue that supports innovation that will drive economic growth and prosperity for our Region.”