Honourary Life Member – Call for Nominations

Through the designation of Honourary Life Membership, CANS wishes to honour individuals who, through their deeds and actions, have significantly contributed to the betterment of the Association and/or the industry and attainment of its goals and visions. Nominations are due by Friday, May 8, 2020.

For more information and to download the nomination form, click HEREPlease submit your nomination forms to Sheryl Farrington by email sfarrington@cans.ns.ca

STATS // Nova Scotia Interprovincial Trade (2018)

The trade data in the economic accounts represent provincial total and net expenditures in interprovincial (intP) and international (intN) markets. There are important differences in the characteristics of international and interprovincial trade. In this note, the focus is on interprovincial (intP) trade.

Several components of interprovincial trade are considered separately and in combination. These include exports (E), imports (I), goods (G), and services (S). Total interprovincial trade is the sum of interprovincial imports and exports of both goods and services. It measures the significance of interprovincial markets relative to international and domestic (within province) markets as the destination for the province’s output.

Total interprovincial trade is comprised of four components. In 2018, in order by value, they are:

  • Interprovincial Imports of Services: $9.030 billion
  • Interprovincial Imports of Goods: $5.544 billion
  • Interprovincial Exports of Services: $4.621 billion
  • Interprovincial Exports of Goods: $4.042 billion

In total, Nova Scotia’s interprovincial trade with the rest of Canada amounts to $23.237 billion.

By commodity, services are the larger share of Nova Scotia’s interprovincial trade

  • Interprovincial Exports and Imports of Services amount to $13.7 billion (62.7% of total interprovincial trade) 
  • Interprovincial Exports and Imports of Goods were valued at $9.6 billion (41.3% of total international trade)

In its trade with the rest of Canada, Nova Scotia imported $5.911 billion more than it exported:

  • Interprovincial Imports of Goods and Services amounted to $14.6 billion (62.7% of total interprovincial trade) 
  • International Exports of Goods and Services amounted to $8.7 billion (37.3% of total interprovincial trade)


Between 2017 and 2018, the value of Nova Scotia’s GDP increased 3.3% to $44.4 billion.  Nova Scotia’s interprovincial goods exports increased faster than nominal GDP on a year-over-year basis, but growth in both interprovincial services imports and services exports were slower. Interprovincial imports of goods to Nova Scotia declined last year.

  • Interprovincial Exports of Goods increased 6.0%. 
  • Interprovincial Imports of Services increased 3.2%.
  • Interprovincial Exports of Services increased 2.5%. 
  • Interprovincial Imports of Goods decreased 0.2% 

Between 2010 to 2018, Nova Scotia’s nominal GDP grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 2.3 per cent per year.  

  • Interprovincial Imports of Services increased 3.3% per year
  • Interprovincial Exports of Services increased 2.5% per year
  • Interprovincial Exports of Goods increased 0.9% per year
  • Interprovincial Imports of Goods decreased 0.1% per year

Nova Scotia’s interprovincial service trade (both imports and exports) increased faster than nominal GDP on a long-term basis (2010 to 2018), while goods trade grew more slowly than nominal GDP. 

SOURCE: Statistics Canada Tables  36-10-0222-01

CCA displeased by Supreme Court of Canada decision to dismiss appeal on use of reprisal clauses in British Columbia

Our colleagues at the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) have issued the following press release to voice their displeasure with the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to reject the appeal brought forward by J. Cote & Son Excavating. This ruling has serious implications for contractors as it effectively upholds the use of reprisal clauses in tender documents.

From CCA’s press release on J. Cote & Son Excavating appeal:

OTTAWA, December 16, 2019 – The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is displeased to learn that the Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an appeal brought forward by contractor, J. Cote & Son Excavating.
Last week’s decision effectively upholds the use of “reprisal clauses” in tender documents. The clause used by the City of Burnaby against J. Cote & Son Excavating stated that the city would not accept tenders from any party that is, or has been within the last two years, involved in legal proceedings initiated against Burnaby arising out of a contract for works or services.
“The clause effectively forces consultants or contractors who may have a dispute with the city to choose between pursuing their legal rights and bidding on city contracts for the next two years,” said Mary Van Buren, CCA president.
This ruling has serious implications for contractors; it condones placing contractors on a two-year blacklist that bans them from bidding on city projects.
“The inclusion of these types of clauses in contracts essentially allows contractors to be financially punished for exercising their legal rights,” explains Van Buren. “The result is contractors are deterred from accessing the courts to enforce their legal rights because they fear being banned from future participation in projects.”
The decision by the Supreme Court of Canada effectively means that there is no constitutional barrier to municipalities using reprisal clauses. CCA will continue to closely monitor any developments as the association believes this case ruling could have major implications for the construction industry in all of Canada.

If you have any questions or comments about this release, please contact CCA’s vice-president of public affairs, Rodrigue Gilbert, at rgilbert@cca-acc.com or 613-236-9455, ext. 432.

STATS // GDP by Census Metropolitan Area (2016)


Today, Statistics Canada released Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data for Canada’s Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and the areas outside of CMAs for 2016 and revised previous estimates for 2009-2015. All data are benchmarked to provincial nominal GDP at basic prices.  

These results continue to show that just over half of Canada’s GDP is generated in the six CMAs: Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa–Gatineau. Like population, economic activities primarily focus in cities. In 2016, CMAs accounted for 71.1 per cent of Canada’s population and generated about 74.4 per cent of Canadian GDP.  In Nova Scotia, Halifax accounted for 43.9 per cent of provincial population and 54.4 per cent of provincial GDP.

Overall in 2016, GDP per capita in reported CMAs was $54,683.  Halifax’s GDP per capita was $49,638.  Across Canada, the largest GDP per capita among CMAs is reported in Calgary, Regina, Edmonton and Toronto.  However, results may be sensitive to fluctuations in commodity prices.  The lowest GDP per capita among reported CMAs was observed in Oshawa ($32,259). 

Outside CMAs, GDP per capita was $46,217.  The highest non-CMA GDP per capita was observed in Alberta at $77,383 (higher than CMA GDP per capita) while the lowest was reported for Nova Scotia ($32,613).  Per capita GDP outside Canada’s reported CMAs averaged 85.6 per cent of CMA GDP per capita. 

From 2009-2016, GDP growth has averaged 3.9 per cent inside CMAs and 2.9 per cent outside CMAs.  Halifax’s GDP grew by 2.4 per cent on average over this period, the same pace of growth for Nova Scotia outside Halifax.  The fastest growing economies over this period were observed in Guelph, St. John’s, Kelowna and Lethbridge.  GDP growth outside CMAs was faster in Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia.  

Nova Scotia’s GDP in 2016 was $37.80 billion, of which $20.55 billion was generated in Halifax and $17.25 billion was generated outside of Halifax.  GDP has been rising in both Halifax and the rest of the province, but growth outside the city has been faster for all years except 2012, when two paper mills were shuttered.  

On a per capita basis, GDP in Halifax remains significantly higher than in the rest of Nova Scotia.  However, except for 2012, per capita GDP growth outside Halifax has been faster than inside Halifax, narrowing the gap in GDP per capita between urban and rural areas of the province.

Source: Statistics Canada.  Table  36-10-0468-01   Gross domestic product (GDP) at basic prices, by census metropolitan area (CMA) (x 1,000,000)Table  17-10-0135-01   Population estimates, July 1, by census metropolitan area and census agglomeration, 2016 boundariesTable  17-10-0005-01   Population estimates on July 1st, by age and sex

CCDC 11 – updated document coming December 6, 2019

Did you know that CCDC 11- Contractor’s Qualification Statement was just updated? Effective December 6, 2019, CCDC 11 – 2019 will be in circulation.

Join us for our Sydney Member Mixer, November 26!

Recognizing that our membership is located throughout Nova Scotia and beyond, the CANS Member Mixer program takes us from one end of the province to the other. Join us on November 26, in Sydney, NS!

Follow the Pipeline: Bryony House – open for tender!

We have been following this project! Have you? See our Pipeline connection PL17-0253NS about the Halifax Transition House Association – Bryony House and view the Open Tender NS19-2272.

Help raise the voice of the construction industry during this election



With voting day fast approaching on October 21, Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is renewing their call, asking you to join the campaign, #Construction4CDNs, by clicking on the “take action” button below and sending a letter to your election candidates.

Now is the time to stand up for construction and make sure action is taken on the issues facing our industry as we work to build a better Canada.

Take action! Click here to send your letter now

CCA’s campaign #Construction4CDNs, and its associated website construction4cdns.ca, champion four main issues of national importance for the construction industry. They are:

  • Strengthening investor confidence;
  • Long-term infrastructure planning;
  • Supporting innovation and technology; and
  • Attracting a skilled and diverse workforce.

Please visit the website above to read more about these issues and what we are asking the government to do to address our concerns.

CCA is grateful to all those who have participated in this campaign to date and ask you to continue spreading the word to those who may not yet have had the opportunity. CCA also encourages those whose homes and places of work are in separate ridings to send two letters to further extend our reach.

Thank YOU for Making Our 2019 Annual General Meeting a Success!





Attendees are encouraged to provide their feedback on CANS 157th AGM by clicking
HERE and completing the delegate feedback survey.


The Construction Association of Nova Scotia’s 2019 Annual General Meeting, held on October 4-6, 2019 at the Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre in Western Shore, NS was a big success!

Guests kicked off the weekend with two activities: a Golf Tournament held at The Chester Golf Course and an excursion to explore Mahone Bay followed by a tour of Saltbox Brewery with lunch catered by Circa 1860 Kitchen. At the golf tournament, first place went to Shane Sinclair, Dylan Smith, Stephen Gray and Brad Payne, and second place went to Vince Moseley, Doug Brophy, Jeremy Stewart and Michael Crossley.


At Saturday’s business sessions delegates heard from Canadian Construction Association’s Chair John Bockstael and Liam Daly, Manager of Public Affairs at CCA, who presented on the past year’s events and highlighted the Strategic Plan, CCA2023. Delegates also heard from CANS Committee Chairs about the progress that CANS has made over the past twelve months, and looked toward the future with a session to kick off the creation of the next CANS Strategic Plan.

Saturday’s Awards Luncheon recognized David Wilson’s contributions to the construction industry, as the recipient of the 2019 Honourary Life Membership Award. Through the designation of Honourary Life Membership, the Construction Association of Nova Scotia honours individuals who, through their deeds and actions, have significantly contributed to the betterment of the Association, the industry, and attainment of CANS’ goals and visions.

Long-term Member Awards were also presented to member companies that have held membership with the Association for 50 years or more. The following companies received their award at the AGM: Englobe Corp., Gallagher Canada Limited, South Shore Ready Mix Limited and Truefoam Limited. The Long-term Member Award honours companies who have shown their dedication, support, and commitment to the Association throughout the years and is an achievement to be proud of.

CANS also congratulated those members who have achieved 25 years of continuous membership by presenting them with a Bowman Award.  G.J. Cahill & Co. (1979) Ltd., The Guarantee Company of North America and Wickwire Holm accepted their Bowman Awards at the AGM this year.

Delegates danced the night away in their Hawaiian shirts, leis and grass skirts, all ready for the Best Dressed Awards, to the musical talents of Big Fish at Saturday evening’s Hawaiian Luau!



Attendees: If you attended the 157th AGM, we would love to hear from you! Please submit feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AGM19Delegate

Sponsors: If you sponsored the 157th AGM, keep your eye out for the sponsor feedback survey from Natalie!



CANS 158th Annual General Meeting

When: October 2-4, 2020
Where: Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa in Digby, Nova Scotia
Theme: The Great Gatsby (Jazz, flappers, glitz, glamour, champagne and decadence)

Register NOW! Click here to register for next year’s AGM, today! 
Sponsor NOW! Contact Natalie at 902.210.1720 or nbobbitt@cans.ns.ca!



CANS congratulates those members who have achieved 50 years of continuous membership by presenting them with a Long-term Award.

  • Englobe Corp.
  • Gallagher Canada Limited
  • South Shore Ready Mix Limited
  • Truefoam Limited
  • V.J. Rice Concrete Ltd.



CANS congratulates those members who have achieved 25 years of continuous membership by presenting them with a Bowman Award.

  • Able Electric 2016 Limited
  • Advanced Energy Management Ltd.
  • Asbestos Abatement Ltd.
  • Atlantic Explosives Ltd.
  • Blaine F. MacLane Excavation Ltd.
  • Fundy Electric Limited
  • G.J. Cahill & Co. (1979) Ltd
  • John Morrison Contracting Ltd.
  • R.D.L. Construction Limited
  • Sansom Equipment Ltd.
  • Techno Hard Surfaces Limited
  • The Guarantee Company of North America
  • MacPhail Construction Ltd.
  • Waller Agencies Limited
  • Wickwire Holm



Level                                                    Company

Title Sponsor                                        MARSH

App Sponsor                                         Lindsay Construction

Diamond Sponsor                                 Kent Building Supplies

Platinum Plus                                        TD Banking

VIP Sponsor                                          NSCC Foundation

Print Sponsor                                        Halcraft Printers

Platinum                                               AON Construction Services Group

Platinum                                               Conrad Bros Ltd.

Platinum                                               Nova Scotia Power

Gold                                                     AW Leil Cranes & Equipment

Gold                                                     Bird Stairs

Gold                                                     Black & McDonald

Gold                                                     BOYNECLARKE LLP

Gold                                                     Department of Labour and Advanced Education

Gold                                                     dexel

Gold                                                     Dexter Construction

Gold                                                     Iron Dog Inc.

Gold                                                     PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

Gold                                                     Pomerleau Inc.

Gold                                                     Procore Technologies

Gold                                                     SANCTON

Gold                                                     Scientext Technical Writing Ltd.

Gold                                                     Stanhope Simpson Insurance

Gold                                                     Steinhart

Gold                                                     Travelers Canada

Silver                                                    Arrow Construction Products

Silver                                                    Atlantica Contractors

Silver                                                    Battlefield Equipment Rentals

Silver                                                    BELFOR

Silver                                                    Big Bang Promotional

Silver                                                    Bird Construction

Silver                                                    CBCL Limited

Silver                                                    DORA Construction

Silver                                                    Eastern Fence

Silver                                                    Heritage Gas

Silver                                                    Kent Mobile Shelters

Silver                                                    L.E. Cruickshanks Sheet Metal Ltd.

Silver                                                    MacGregors Industrial Group

Silver                                                    Marco Group

Silver                                                    Marid Industries

Silver                                                    Meridia Recruitment Solutions

Silver                                                    Merit Nova Scotia

Silver                                                    Ocean Contractors Limited

Silver                                                    RKO Steel Ltd.

Silver                                                    The Guarantee Company of North America

Silver                                                    The Shaw Group

Silver                                                    Tirecraft

Silver                                                    Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company

Silver                                                    WCB Nova Scotia

Water Sponsor                                      Rogers Communications Canada

Golf Hole Sponsor                                 CANS Group Health and Wellness

Golf Hole Sponsor                                 MacFarlands Industrial

Golf Hole Sponsor                                 MCT Insurance a division of BrokerLink

Golf Hole Sponsor                                 NationTek

Golf Hole Sponsor                                 Schooley Mitchell

Golf Hole Sponsor                                 Steinhart Distillery



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