Meet Your CANS Team – Justin Blakeney

Did you know? Justin is a major sports fan, cheering for the Blue Jays, Raptors and the Maple Leafs! 

Meet Your CANS Team – Andrew Slaunwhite

Did you know? Andrew is one of seven siblings!

Meet Your CANS Team – Adam Gilbert

Did you know? Adam once worked in a community in Northern Labrador where the primary mode of transportation was on Ski-Doo.

Meet Your CANS Team – Nichole Banks

Did you know? As a leap year baby, Nichole only gets to celebrate on her actual birthday every four years!

Meet Your CANS Team — Gloria Mallard

Did you know? Gloria spent 15 years working onboard cruise ships. In 30 years of travelling, Gloria has visited over 80 countries and all 7 continents!

Meet Your CANS Team — Tracy Gates

Did you know? In 2013, Tracy received the Lieutenant Governor’s Person with Disabilities Employer Partnership Award, which she was honoured to receive as the mother of two children with Learning Disabilities

Meet Your CANS Team – Taylor Shaw

Did you know? Taylor interned for a Lord at the House of Lords in the UK Parliament – attending committee meetings, question periods and debates. 

Meet Your CANS Team – Kaitlyn Bennett

Did you know? Kaitlyn has lived in more than 25 homes throughout her life (Kaitlyn grew up in the industry as the daughter of a contractor!)

Graphic introduces Britney MacNeil, CANS Events Lead. Photo is a selfie taken by Britney. She is smiling in the woods.

Meet Your CANS Team — Britney MacNeil

Did you know? Britney participated in Mud Hero (Martock, 2015)!

Headline reads Meet Your CANS Team. Duncan Williams – President & CEO. Start date: January 2011. Photo is of Duncan dressed in a suit in his office.

Meet Your CANS Team – Duncan Williams

Did you know? Duncan used to have long hair (in a 80s hair band style).